Kumaraswamy known as Karthikeya launch Agneya Ashtra (arrow) on the Shiva Ling (Atma Ling) wear by Tarakasura in his neck before slaughter the Monster. The Shiva Ling spitted into five fragments and one fragment fallen in Soma Rama. The fragments fallen on earth started to grow up towards Kailash. To avoid the grown of the fragments, Indra, Chandra (Moon), Vishnu, Surya (Sun) and Karthikeya established the fragments in the five holy places of Amarara Rama in Amravati of Guntur District, Soma Rama in Bhimavaram, Kshetra Rama in Palakollu of West Godavari District, Draksha Rama and Kumara Rama in Samalkot of East Godavari District with the names of Amareswara, Someswara, Kshetra Rameswara, Bheemeswara and Kumara Rameswara respectively.         

Shiva accompany with Bala Chamundika in Amara Rama, Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi in Soma Rama, Parvathi in Ksheera Rama, Manykyamba in Draksha Rama and Bala Tripura Sundari in Kumara Rama, the incarnations of Maa Parvathi. It is believed that Chandra (Moon) seduced Tara, wife of Sage Bruhaspathi, mentor of Indra and as atonement to his sin, Chandra (Moon) established Someswara Linga.  

Soma Rama is one among the Pancha Rama (five holy places). The holy place is at Gunupudi Village, two kilometers from Bhimavaram Municipal Town of West Godavari District. Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathi worshipped here in the forms of Someswara and Raja Rajeswari Devi. The temple established by Chandra (Moon) is an ancient temple and under the protection of the Archeological Department of Government of India. The walls and the idols of the temple are colored and appear beautiful. The Shiva Ling in the temple appears in White color on the Full Moon day and gradually turns day by day to black color on the New Moon day. This will be done as a cycling system for every fifteen days from Full Moon Day to New Moon Day. The change of color of the Shiva Ling according lunar aspect is the greatest thing in this temple. It is believed since the Moon established the shrine; the color will be changed as per lunar aspect.               

Sri Someswara Janardana Swamy Temple

There is a lake in front of the temple named Chandra Kund and the lake will be covered with Lotus flowers throughout the year. A pillar of 15 feet height with Nandi Statue erected on the bank of the lake. In the first bailey, there is a statue of Nandi and devotees may visit Someswara between the two horns of the Nandi Status. Annapurna Devi in the first floor give darshan from the stone fort before the temple instead of Someswara. There is no such type of construction in the country. There will be a sacred thread around the Maa and a toddler at her feet.  

There are temples of Sri Rama and Hanuma on the left side after enter into the main temple. Priests conduct seva with devotees in the porch on the right side. Several idols are in the temple. Shiva will appear in the form beautiful Ling form in this temple. Shiva Ling is small in this temple and in other four temples it appears in the form of a pole. Pilgrims may visit Maa Sri Raja Rajeswari, Adi Lakshmi in sanctum, Kumaraswamy, Nine planets, Surya (Sun) and Ganesh idols in the inner side of the temple. There is the temple of Maavoollamma, the village goddess of Bhimavaram nearer to the holy place.

Sri Someswara Temple timings & how to reach, places to Visit near by Somaramam

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), Kakinada Depot runs circular tours covering all the 5 Pancharamas (Amaravathi, Bhimavaram, Palakollu, Draksharama, and Samalkota) in a span of 24 hours mainly in Karthika Masam and Maha Shivaratri. The journey starts at 8:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm next day covering 700 km approximately.

The temple kept open from 6 AM to 12 Noon and from 4 PM to Night 8 PM. 

Saktheeswara Swamy Temple Yenamadurru

Pilgrims may visit Saktheswara Swamy Temple at a distance of 5 km from Bhimavaram. Shiva will give darshan generally in the form of Ling. However there are exceptional cases where Shiva appears in the form of an idol. Saktheeswara Temple is one among them and Shiva worshipped here in the form of idol making in an upside-down penance here. Shiva appears here in an inverted headrest pose with Maa Parvathi pampering Bala Subramanian in her abdomen.                 

Legend says that once Samburasura, a demon annoying Sages and People, that they appraised their hurdles to Yama, that he made penance to Shiva for energy to fight with the demon, Maa Parvathi appeared and gave a weapon since Shiva is under heavy penance, that Yama slaughter Samburasura with the weapon, that Yama prayed Shiva to reside in the holy place to safeguard the place named Yamapuri and Shiva manifested here with Parvathi and Subramanian. The holy place called as Yamapuri and subsequently changed to Yanamadurru. Since Shiva manifest with Sakthi, the shrine became popular as Saktheeswar.  

 It is believed that the Chronic deceases will be cured with darshan of the deity.

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