Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple


Gangeswara Mahadev Temple is at a distance of 80 km from Somanath in Gujarat State. Pilgrims have to travel three hours in private vehicle to reach the temple. The temple is on the Arabian Sea shore in Phoodam Village, 3 km from the Union Territory Diu. 

The temple is beautiful for darshan in Arabian Sea. The cave temple is in between the rocks near sea shore. Pilgrims will visit Ganesh, Vishnuvu and Lakshmidevi Idols by entering into the temple and afterwards five Shivalinga in different sizes in the centre of the sea water. There will be Sesha Naag idol on the rocks of the hill looking the Shiva Ling. During the heavy tides of the sea, the Shiva Ling merge into sea water and will visible during the waves subside. Since the time is at the sea shore, the temple also being called as Sea Shore Temple. 

gangeshwar mahadev

Yudishtara, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, established five Shiva Ling five thousand years ago, and worshipped during their anonymous residence due to defeat in gambling played with Kaurava in Mahabharat. Gangeswar is the mixed word of Ganga and Eeswar. Shiva captured Ganga in his heir to reduce  her speed while coming from heaven to earth in order to safeguard the world. Hence he Shiva also called as Gangadhar or Gangeswar.

The darshan of the temple feasible from October to May and from 6 AM to 8 PM. Gangeswar Temple is at a distance 13 km from Dervada Railway Station and Diu is the nearest Airport.