Ahobila Nrusimha


Ahobila Nrusimha popularly called as Uga Nrusimha is the main Shrine among the nine Ksheterams. Pilgrims have to travel 8 km from Ahobilam engaging private vehicle. The Kshetram exists 2800 feet above to sea level. It is believed that Narayana in the incarnation of Ugra Nrusimha ruptured and killed Hiranya Kasipa in this place Local Legend says that after ruptured and killed Hiranya Kasipa, the Gods feared to the Angry form of Nusimha praised him to be the most powerful and stronger in the world. Prahlada has not succeeded to calm down Nrusimha from his angry mood. Shiva himself tried and could not calm down Nrusimha. Nrusimha established himself as Svayambhu Saligram in the furious form.   

Adi Sankaracharya reached here losing his hand by Kapalikas and established Sivalinga along with Sudarshana Nrusimha Yantra in this temple after chanting Lakshmi Nrusimha Karavalamba Strotram.


Garuda made penance here and obtained Darshan of Nrusimha. Nrusimha and Siva opposite to each other will give darshan immediately after entry into the temple. Mukha Mandapa and Maha Mandapa are facing east and sanctum facing north since the Temple is in the natural cave. There is Flagpole and decorated Altar adjoining to the Mukha Mandapa. Pilgrims may continue to Malola and Jwala Nrusimha Kshetras from the gate of eastern side to the temple. Mandapams formed by dissection of a big rock like a large egg. It is believed that the idol is Swayambhu. Ahobila Nrusimha give Darshan sitting in the pose of Sukhasana in the form of Saligrama by keeping the demon king on his thighs and cleft the Brest and two legs with his two hands in a grimly form. Prahlada appears on one side prostrating with his two hands. The festival idol of Ahobila Nrusimha will be preserved in Lower Ahobilam at Prahlada Nrusimha Shrine.  

Chenchu Lakshmi will appear in Padmasanamudra in another temple. Lakshmi Devi was born in Chenchu Tribe and married Nrusimha. The Chenchu Tribes still presents meat to Chenchu Lakshmi near Pranava Nrusimha Temple even today. These two hill peaks called as Vedadri and Garudadri and Bhavanasini flowing through the hills. Ahobila Nrusimha is the head of Jupiter Planet. Jupiter Planet will give Finance Cushion, happiness, higher education, relief from legal issues and gives relief from unhappiness from children and progeny issues. Dharsan and worship of Ugra Nrusimha, relieve from the curse of planet Jupiter and help to reduce negative effects giving positive energy.

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