Sri Chowdeswari Devi Temple


Chowdeswari Temple is at a distance of 21 km from Yaganti (via) Banaganapalle and 32 km from Nandyal. There is a legend on this temple and it is believed that the Goddess is none other than Visalakshi of Varanasi.  

The legend is that Pandava of Chandra Vamsam namely Pandu, Kiriti (Arjuna), Abhimanyu, Pareekshit, Janamejaya, Shataanika, Dhaanava, Aswamedha Datta, Kshemendra, Somendra ruled their kingdom from Hasthinapur of the Northern Region. Uttunga Bhuja, S/o Somendra came to South and ruled from Nandagudi now in Haskota Taluk of Karnataka State. The area of Nandavaram near to Nallamala Forest was in his reign. Nanda, s/o Uttunga Bhuja declared to be the Prince of the empire at the age of 16. Uttunga Bhuja gone to Vanaprasta (life of retirement in a forest) and Nanda became the King of the empire with present Nandavaram or Anandavaram in the year 1059. He has given Anandavaram as gift to the Brahmins and the village came into existence as Nandavaram with his name. These Brahmins were later called as Nandavarika.

Entrance of nandavaram chowdeshwari devi temple

During the ruling of Nanda, the Tribal Head of nearly Nallamala Forest came to the Court and complained that the Tigers are coming from the Srisailam Forest and killing their Cattle eating their crops. Nanda went to the Forest to hunt the Tigers. Lord Mallikarjuna appeared in the form of Sage Nanda and informed that their clan will starts with the name of Nanda and disappeared.                

One day Lord Dattatreya came into his dreams and instructed to worship Kasi Visweswar and Visalakshi everyday in the early morning with the incantation footwear blessed by him. Nanda obeyed the instructions and worship Kasi Visweswar and Visalakshi after the sleep of the Queen returning to rule his kingdom before sun rise. One day the Queen found his absence and questioned about his absence. Nanda explained the reason to her. She asked him to permit for accompanying with him. Nanda has gone to Kasi along with his wife. After completion of the worship, his wife get monthly periods and the foot wear lost its power. Nanda felt sad and the Brahmins residing in Kasi with their spiritual strength given the power to the foot wear to go to his kingdom once. The King has asked them to ask their desire and they informed that they will ask in future course. The King returned to Nandavaram.       

Later Famine occurred in Kasi and the Brahmins came to Nandavaram and asked the help of the King. The King informed that he has not remember the promise and asked witness for his promise. The Brahmins prayed Visalakshi to give witness. The Goddess came from Varanasi in a night to Nandavaram through tunnel way and given witness about the promise of the King. The King asked the Goddess to stay at Nandavaram and she stayed in the form of Chowdeswari Devi.            

The Original Goddess established by the King is with awfulness and people used to die with heart break to the effulgence in her eyes. The doors of the centum were permanently closed and another idol in the same pose of previous Goddess established with soft nature and the idol exists at present. The idol established in the same place. There is a steps way on the right side of the temple leads to the original old centum. Devotees are permitted to perform saffron worship to the Sri Chakram installed opposite to the main Deity. Chowdeswari is the principle deity of the Thogata Veera Kshatriyas. The temple plays significant role among the Nandavarika clan in Brahmins as their principle deity. They are permitted to enter into the centum directly before the Chowdeswari to perform worship to the Deity. There is a custom among them to present saree to the Goddess.

The temple kept open from 5-30AM to 1-00Noon and from 3-00PM to night 8-30PM. Free meals and accommodation available in the temple. There are Arya Vysya Choultry, Nandaveeraka Choultry adjacent to the temple and Brahmin Choulty for feeding to the devotees.

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