Dwarkadhish Temple Kankroli


Shree Dwarkadhish Temple, Kankroli

Kankroli is a small town and residence of Dwarkadish another form of Sri Krisna in the road from Ahamedabad to Udayapur. Kankroli is famous for the JK Tyres Plant and named as J.K.Gram. This is the holy place to the Vallabhacharya Sect. It is believed that the idol was shifted by Srigi Dharji Maharaj from Madura, the birth place of Sri Krishna to Ahmadabad to protect from the invasions of Moghal emperors. The idol subsequently shifted to Kankroli four hundred years ago and kept at Asothiya Village up to completion of the temple construction at the request of Maharana Raj Singh. The temple constructed on the shore of a small lake in the type of Haveli.

This temple constructed on a small hill. There is a small lake with the name of Rajsmand behind the temple. The lake may be visited after visiting Dwarkadish. There are the temples of Madhuradish Ji and Chota Dwarkadish Ji in the temple complex. Sri Krishna of the ancient temple is famous as Sri Dwarkadish. The temple building is big and visible like Haveli. The idol of Sri Krishna in the temple engraved with red marble stone looks beautiful and was shifted from Madhura. The local devotees and Tourists on pilgrimage to Gujarat visit the temple every year. Pilgrims may visit the Rayisagar Lake by a walk on the right side to the stair case after worship of Dwarkadish. Visitors may enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and may give feed to the Pigeons and Fish. 

River in Kankroli

The temple with Dwarkadish appearance enshrined in Rajasthan shifted from Vrindavan is famous in the world. The Shrine and the Statue of Dwarkadish was not affected with the invasions of the Moghals. Vaishnava from all corners of the country arrive to the holy place for the blessings from Sri Dwarkadish. The Shrine has great importance among all the shrines established by Vallabhacharya. This temple remembers the temple in Nathdwara. During winter, the atmosphere will be cool and so many migrated birds appear in the lake near the temple. Deevali, Holi, Full moon Day, Rama Navami, Janmastami and Ashaya Truteeya are the prominent days and Festivals with Special Seva performed on par with other prominent Vaishnav Temples.

There is a gorgeous bazaar around the temple. The pilgrims came from Ahmadabad to visit Dwarkadish Temple in Kankroli purchase Cookery, cloths, worship material to Shrinath  Ji, women accessories, cloths and Rajasthan traditional eatables in the Bazar. Tea and Snaks are available outside to the temple. The Temple kept open from 7-00AM to 11-00 AM again 4-00PM to Night 7-00. Seva of Mangala Harati, Sringar and Rajabhog in the morning, Ootham and Sayana Seva will be performed in the evening. Janmastami Festival performed throughout the night is the special attraction in the temple.