Shiva Nandi


Siva Nandi is at a distance of 13 km from Nandyal towards left after Tammavaram Village, while travelling to Maha Nandi. Kadamala Canal is the land mark to reach this temple. Siva Nandi Temple is an old temple built with stone. It seems to be beautiful. The Temple is the bigger one next to Mahanandi among the other 8 Nandi temples. Sri Devagudi Bhavani Siva Sankara Sarma, priest of the temple said that there is a hole on the top of the temple and an idol of the Nagendre (snake) exists. On Sivaratri, in the mid night the noise of  drums will be stopped keeping the premises silent and a Cobra with 5 heads come into the Sanctum through the hole and stay for two minutes on the Siva Linga and return through the hole without harming anybody.

Shiva Nandi Temple-Shivalingam

The Abhishek with oil to this Lingam release devotees from the curses of Rahu and Kethu as was in Sri Kalahasti. There are five small temples with Siva Linga said to be installed by Pandavas. Upto recent years the Endowment Department has not taken any action for development of the temple, though the temple has great importance in Nine Nandi Temples after Maha Nandi. Recently the Flag Pole and some minor development seems to be taken in this temple.

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