Necessity to know Geneological Tree, Clan & Pravara

Pitru Paksha

Nowadays everyone is living a fast life. Everyone spends with computers and cell phones, except in sleeping, without taking food in a pleasant manner and lack of affection among family members. Due to employment and other reasons, the previous joint families are being separated and migrate to cities and even abroad ignoring their kinship. Most of the relationships are disappearing. There is  need to memorize their genealogical clans and names of their ancestors to perform auspicious or inauspicious deeds irrespective of their residence.

An observation of the epics, myths and histories of the ages which have been recited forever, the lineage of Rama, Ravana, Sita and others, their generations, brothers, offspring, clan and other particulars are known in Ramayana. All the details of clans of the Pandav and Kaura from the patriarch of the Kuru dynasty found In Mahabharat.

The details of the ancestors of Lord Krishna ma learn from Bhagavat. Pilgrims, while performing tours and visiting different places everyone knows the details how the temples were built by whom and when and the genealogy of the kings exhibited in the inscriptions or ascertain the information locally. The ability to know how man came to the present stage is not seen in many people to know the history of the three generations in their family and to know their clan and names, to preserve the everlasting information for memory.

People used to know the information about their ancestors from the elders because they lived in joint families in villages during the preceding years. Over time in the next generation, due to their education and work for livelihood were migrated to the cities  and abroad. They become far away from their own native places, immersed in their daily activities, and limited to the computers and cell phones even without having enough time to talk with their elders and relatives.

At least they are not in a position to tell the details of their ancestors and their clan. This should be treated as a serious matter. Apart from auspicious activities such as Upanayanam and Marriage rituals, for inauspicious activities such as vedic Karma, Shradda Karma, Pindapradhan etc. also there is the  need of Names of ancestors, Clan, pravara etc. of the three generations in the lineage. Most of them are unable to tell the clan and names of their grandfathers. It is surprise that many of the Brahmins do not know their Pravara (origins).

We generally observe that everyone calculates what their parents have earned and given to them. Human birth is the precious among the crores of living beings on earth. There  is no doubt to say that human birth will be attained only by virtue of the meritorious deeds performed in the previous births. God gave birth as a human being through the parents who are direct visible gods and indirectly by virtue e of their ancestors. It is so the first two places of the visible forms of God given to Mother (Matru Deobhava) and Father (Pitrudeobhava) and thirdly to the Acharya (Guru) who taught succeeded by Athidhi (guest) as deities. The debt to the parents gave birth, brought up and taught the virtues and of the guru taught the virtues is irreparable.  It is a tribute to the parents gave birth, and Guru who taught the way of life to serve in their old age and performing all the rituals from death to Pinda Pradhan in the later period in their physical absence and get them salvation.

We have informed that the clan and names of the last three generations in the lineage (Pravara among Brahmins) are required to perform the activities like Asaucha Karma viz., Vedic rituals, Shraddha Karma, Pinda Pradhan. We are furnishing tabular form for the convenience of friends and viewers to gather the required information. The viewers may complete all the details known to them in the tabular form and in consultation with relatives and family elders by allocating necessary time to gain knowledge of their complete genealogy. Even the property is not provided to their offspring, the present generation can get a chance to be liberated with the deeds done by their children to whom this information contributed. We hope that especially those who are living in cities and abroad by virtue of employment may pay attention and collect the required information.

Request: Please point out any omissions or typos in the attached genealogy.

Geneological Tree 

No. Relation Clan  Name of the deceased
1 Pithuhu (Father)    
2 Pithamaha (Grand Father/Father’s father)    
3 Prapithamaha (Great Grand Father)    
4 Mathuhuh (Mother0    
5 Pithamahi (Grand Mother/ Father’s mother)    
6 Prapithamahi (Wife of Great grand father)    
7 Sapathni Matha (Step mother)    
8 Matha Maha (Father of mother)    
9 Mathuhuh Pitaamaha(Grand father of mother)    
10 Mathuhu Prapithamaha (Great Grand Father of mother)    
11 Matha Mahi (Maternal Grand mother)    
12 Mathuhu Pithamahi (Mothr-in-law of grand mother)    
13 Mathuhu Prapithamahi (Wife of great grand father of mother)    
14 Atma Pathi (Wife)    
15 Suthah (Sons)    
16 Brathaha (Brothers)    
17 Elder Pithruvya (Elder Paternal uncle)    
18 Younger Pithruvya (Younger Paternal Uncle)    
19 Mathulah (Maternal Uncles)    
20 That Pathnihi (wifes of Maternal uncles)    
21 Duhitha (Daughter)    
22 Atma Bhagini (Sisters)    
23 Dowhitrah (Children of daughter)    
24 Bhaganeyakah (Nephew)    
25 Pithru Shvasaa (Paternal Aunts)    
26 Matru Shvasaa (Maternal Aunts)     
27 Jamatha (Son-in-laws)    
28 Bhahukah (Brother-in-law/husband of sister)    
29 Snusha (Daughter-in-law)    
30 Shvashurya (Father-in-law)    
31 That Pathni  (Mother-in-law)     
32 syaalakah (Brother-in-laws /brothers of wife)    
33 Guru (Acharya)    
34 Arjina (Dependents/Friends)     

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