Krodha Nrusimha


Krodha Nrusimha is one among the Nine Nrusimha Kshetrams in Ahobilam. This holy place is in between the hills Vedadri and Garudari and this is the third highest place after Jwala and Malola Nrusimha Ksheterams. This is also called as Siddhi Ksheteram. Krodhakara Nrusimha accompanied by Maa Lakshmi in the Ksheteram in a cave dissecting a big rock. This is at a distance of 2 km from Upper Ahobilam (i.e.) Ahobala (Ugra) Nrusimha Temple. The first Jeeyaar Swamy of Ahobal Matt explained Sri Bhasyam and Bagadavadh Gita to the Abbots here.

Brahma gave boon to Hiranyakasipa not to attain death from any god, man, and animal either in day or night, in home or outside, on earth or sky without any weapon.

Varaha Narasimha Swamy Temple Entrance,UPPER AHOBILAM

Lord Narayana, in the incarnation of Nrusimha (half man and half Lion) slaughtered Hiranyakasipa in Twilight time, on his thighs sitting on the threshold door in terrific way bringing out his intestines from his breast and stomach with the nails of his hand fingers. The God get angry on Brahma who had given boon to Hiranyakasipa. He has instructed Brahma to foot forward before him. Brahma got fear to appear before Nrusimha. Brahma shivered and Vedas were fallen from the hands of Brahma. Bhudevi catches and taken away Vedas to the underworld to protect them. The Gods praised Nrusimha with facial expressions and fangs of a wild boar and left to underworld to get back Vedas. Nrusimha wear Bhudevi on his fangs and protected Vedas. Nrusimha sat with Krodhakarain the holy place. Brahma requested to pardon him and return Vedas. Nrusimha refused and agreed to return to the suggested by Brahma. Brahma requested to give to Lakshmi Devi. Nrusimha agreed and appeared in the form of Malola Nrusimha.     

Bhagavata legend says that Somakasura, a domain stolen Vedas from Brahma and hid under sea. Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of wild boar gone to the sea and keeping Earth on his fangs and killed Somakasura protecting Vedas.  

The Main deity is Krodhakara (Varaha) Nrusimha Swamy appears with facial expressions and fangs of a wild boar, tale of a lion and human body with two hands pacifying Lakshmi. Nrusimha pacified Lakshmi get angry to the intimacy of Nrusimha with Chenchu Lakshmi. There is Varaha Teerdh here. Pilgrims have to travel 2 km from Ahobila Nrusimha Temple along with the bank of Bhavanashini River. It is believed that worship of Nrusimha for five days fulfill their desires. The following Mantra written in the temple. “Namo Nrusimhayanamah” or “Namo Lakshmi Nrusimhayanamah” Pilgrims are suggested to chant the mantra written in the Varah Nrusimha Temple. Chanting of the Mantra by heart for 10 to 30 minutes sitting peacefully with closed eyes and without moving lips and tongue is the meditation of God done with conscience. The medication should not be interrupted and completed left out alien thoughts. Meditation may be performed at any place and at any time. Continuance of thinking gives good results.

Krodhakara/Varah Nrusimha is the head of Rahu Planet. Those who have Rahu planet in birth chart in bad place induction difficulties in diagnosing diseases, ancestor curses, additions and frustration. The worship of Krodhakara (Varah) Nrusimha gives relief from all the negative effects of Rahu Planet.

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