Jwala Narasimha Swamy


Jwala Nrusimha is one of the Nine Nrusimha Kshtrams in Ahobilam. The holy place is the highest among the other Shrines in Ahobilam and it is on a hill named Meru Mountain. Legend is that the hill behind the temple where Nrusimha slaughtered Hirinayakasipa. Jwala means flame and Nrusimha get angry and reached the peak of the hill. Hiranyakasipa washed the blood to his hands in the Ratna Kundam near the hill. Pilgrims may see the pond water in reddish. The water turns into normal colour getting into their hands.

Jwala Nrusimha give Darshan with eight hands among which two hands press the head and legs and wearing the intestines from the abdomen as dominator along with Sankhu and Chakram in two hands. The way to reach Jwala Nrusimha  is full of stones caused hurdles. The Ksheteram is 4 km from Varaha Nrusimha Temple.


It is difficult to reach here and pilgrims have to handle their journey with the help of the long hand stick. Pilgrims may reach the Shrine through the steps from Malola Nrusimha Shrine. But it is feasible to return to Krodhakara Nrusimha Temple and to continue journey to Jwala Nrusimha. There is Bhavanashani water fall here. The way is narrow to Jwala Nrusimha and there will be way to pass on two members only. Old age persons unhealthy are advised to complete their journey in dolly.            

There are idols of Nrusimha fighting with Hiranyakasipa, Nrusimha come from a pillar where Prahlada and Hiranyakasipa stands on either side and Lord Vishnu on the Darshan pose. It is believed that worshipping with lamp with ghee in Karthika gives bright future.  Jwala Nrusimha is the head of Mars Planet. Mars will give energy, determination, courage, self confidence and physical strength. Un-favourable effects of heavy loans, enemy troubles, un- healthy, bad issues related property occur when the Mars Planet is in bad place in Horoscope. Worship of Jwala Nrusimha release from the curse of Mars Planet and reduce the negative energies.

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