Yogananda Nrusimha


Yogananda Nrusimha Ksheteram is one of the 9 Nrusimha Kshetras. It is at a distance of 4 km towards South East from Lower Ahobilam. Nrusimha after completion of killing Hiranyakasipa came here and took rest in yogic position with crossed legs and hands. The Lord seems here in calm and composed in Padmasana. Nrusimha explained Yoga to Prahlada here. It is believed that Nrusimha was brought from a deep tunnel and worshipped enshrining in the present place.  

The Image of the Shirine filmed in Lotus Seal folding the two legs. The Shrine appears to be most peaceful. In the temple complex there are idols of Nine Nrusimha worshipped and headed each of the Nine Planets. The details of the Nine Nrusimha with nine planets and particulars of unfavourable energies of each planet reduced with worship of each Nrumimha.

Lord Yogananda Narasimha Swami Temple -Ahobilam Andhra Pradesh

 This temple is in the way to Pranava Nrusimha Temple. Pranava and Yogananda Nrusimha Temples may visit without any exertion. Yogananda Nrusimha is the head of Saturn Planet. The Saturn Planet effect on skills and longevity and the place of the Planet in our birth chart bring challenges in career. Yoga Nrusimha release devotees from the curses of Saturn Planet and help reducing the negative effects. Devotees affected with Saturn Planet are advised to worship Yogananda Nrusimha for their bright future. The posture of Nrusimha Kshetras and Planets with details of relief from each Planet exhibits in the temple.  

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