Jala Lingam


Fire, Water, Earth, Space and Air are the five elements that govern all the Organisms in the universe and Shiva incarnated  five forms in the name of these elements. Lord  Shiva incarnated in Linga as Arunachaleswar  (Fire), Jambukeswar (Jala or Water), Ekambareshwar (Earth) and Natarajar (Space or Akasa) in Tamil Nadu and Sri Kalahasteeswara (Air) in Andhra Pradesh. Jambukeswar is the second of the five situated in Thiruvanaikaval Village of Srirangam Island where Ranganatha Swamy, one of the eight incarnations of Lord Vishnu established. This shrine is self manifested or Swayambhoo of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.   

Jambukeswarar Temple

There is a legend behind the name of the Village as Tirunavakkaval. Pushpadanta and Malayavanan are the disciples of Lord Shiva used to quarrel with each other. Malayavan cursed Pushpadanta to be born as elephant and Pushpadanta cursed Malayavan to be born as Spider. Both formed after that they reached Jambukeswar and started worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of Ling under the Jambu (white apricot) tree in their new forms. The spider constructed his web over the lingam to prevent dry leaves from dropping on it and prevent sunlight directly falling on it. The Elephant thought the web was dust on the ling. The elephant collected water from river Cauvery and conducted ablution by pouring the water on the lingam under the Jambu tree daily.

Tiruvanaikovil Arulmigu Jambukeswarar Akhilandeswari Temple, Tamil Nadu

The spider became angry one day and entered into the trunk of the elephant and bit the elephant to death, the elephant also tried to kill the spider with Bump. Both died. Lord Shiva, in the form of Jambukeswara, moved by the deep devotion of the two, relieved them from the curse. Since then, due to an elephant worshipping Shiva, the place is called Thiru (holy Aanai (elephant) Kaa (forest). Later it was modified as Thiruvanaikaval.

Since there are a huge number of Jambu (white apricot) trees this place is called Jambukeswar. This temple was built 1800 years ago by Konchenga Chola. The King, who is the spider in his pre-birth who was angry with the elephant in his pre-birth, built the sanctum with four feet height and 2 ½ feet width without giving room to the elephant to enter into the sanctum. The prime deity is Lord Jambukeswarar and the goddess is Akhilandeswari. Since there is a water spring beneath the Shiva Ling, the deity is called as Jala Ling. Shiva established under a Jambu Tree and the village was called as Jambukeswar. Lord Shiva evaluated it in the form of Jala (Water). There are five big ramparts around the old temple. The fifth rampart was built by a Siddha (Yogi). The Yogi used to give some Vibhuti (ash) to the labourers who are working towards wage and it converts as gold after reaching their house. People believe that Shiva himself came here in the form of Yogi to build the rampart. The water beneath the Ling flows into the pond. 


As per legend Parvati mocked Shiva’s penance for betterment of the world. Shiva wanted to condemn her act and directed her to go to the earth from Kailash. Parvathi arrived on earth and resided on the banks of Kaveri River in the forest area at Tiruvaikal of Jambu Island (Srirangam Island). She gets the water from the river and makes Ling form with the water. She worshipped the ling. Shiva was satisfied with her worship and gave her homily (Shiva Gana) standing facing west to Akhilandeswari facing east. The power of Shiva united in the Ling to the yoga of Parvathi (Akhilandeswari) and Parvathi get atonement with the penance. Water flows beneath the Shiva Ling at all times. Crushing of the cloth kept beneath the Ling (Panapattam) for some time releases water. This shows the grandeur of the deity.               

Jambukeswarar Temple History-Tiruvanaikovil

There is another legend that there is a Sage with the name of Sambhu. He felt to worship Lord Shiva personally and performed penance; Shiva Satisfied to his penance and asked him to reveal  his desire. Sambhu expressed his desire to do the personal worship of Shiva. Shiva told that he will evaluate here in the form of Ling and the sage may worship in the form of Jamboo Tree. Shiva evaluated in the form of Ling and Sage Jambu worshipping Shiva in the form of Jamboo Tree. It is believed  the Jambu tree in the temple premises as Sage Jambu. Jambhu attained Nirvana.             

Jambukeswarar Temple Story-Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

The Goddess Akhilandeswari gives Darshan with four hands in a standing posture. Adi Sankaracharya established the most powerful and Glorious Sri Chakra in the Temple. The temple attracts devotees with the Jala Ling and then onwards it is believed that the temple was constructed by Lord Shiva in the form of Siddh. 

There are Srimath Teerth, Rama Teerth, Chandra Teerth, Agni Teerth, Indra Teerth, Aksha Teerth, Jambu Teerth, Surya Teerth, and Brahma Teerth here. The Temple kept open from 5-30 AM to 1.00Noon and again from 3-00PM to 8-30PM.