Pitru Paksha Arrangments & Rituals in Holy Places


Gaya and Prayagaraj are the places to perform Shraddha Karma along with (Varanasi) Kashi. Matru Devobhav, Pitru Devobhav, Acharya Devobhav and Athidhi Devobhav are literal truths whether they are said in the scriptures or by elders. It is clear that the invisible God appears in these visible forms. Shraddha Karma can be done at home. It is the responsibility of the children to pay tributes to the parents and ancestors performing Pinda Pradhab and ensuring a better future for them. Pinda Pradhan should be performed for the liberation of the souls of parents and ancestors in the Panch (five) Gaya Shrines viz., Shiro Gaya (Bihar), Nabhi Gaya (Orissa), Pada Gaya (Andhra Pradesh), Matru Gaya (Siddhapur, Gujarat) and Brahma Kapal (Badrinath) which are regarded as Pitrumukti Kshetra. For the convenience of those who are unable to perform pinda pradhan in Panch Gaya Shrines due to lack of physical and financial strength, we are providing the availability of priests along with the details of Ashrams and Satrams in (Varanasi) Kashi, Gaya, Prayag Raj for the convenience of those who wish to do it in these Shrines.