Pavana Nrusimha


The Shrine of Pavana Nrusimha is one among the nine Nrusimha Temples in Ahobilam. The temple exits in a thick forest and on the banks of the holy river Pavani named as Pavana Nrusimha Kshetram. This temple is situated far in the middle of the forest and the devotees have to climb several steep steps to reach this temple. The steps begin from near the temple of Sri Ahobilam Narasimha. Devotees can also access the temple by travelling in local jeeps; however it is not recommended as the roads are not good. In all the Nrusimha Kshetra, Pavana Nrusimha Shrine is the most peaceful place in Ahobilam. Pilgrims have to walk 14 km. from Ahobilam in a way covered with stones. It will take nearly 2 hours to reach the temple. Elders and feebleness may come down from Upper Ahobilam in Dolly. Since there is other places travel in Dolly, the trip in Dolly to Pranava Nrusimha may be prevented by travel in private conveyance. The temple will have access up to 5 PM only. Since then there is possibility of attack of wild animals.

Ahobilam Pavana Narasimha Swamy Temple

Nrusima slaughtered Hiranyakasipa turn round in the forest with angry form seen Chenchu Lakshmi, incarnation of Lakshmi Devi and rounded in the hill area to collect meat for the satisfaction of Chenchu Lakshmi. The local people still present a hen to the Deity. Since Nrusimha married tribal lady and became the son-in-law of the tribes, they offer meat to the Nrusimha. Sankaracharya chanted Lakshmi Nrusimha Karavalamba Strotram here to get protection from the local wizards.

Sage Bharadwaja relived from the sin of Brahmahatya here. There is Flagpole here. Nrusimha will give darshan in the pose keeping Lakshmi on his left thigh under  the shadow of Adi Seshu. Sage Baradwaja sit before his feet. The local tribal visit this temple in all major festivals and sacrifice animals to the Deity. There is Chenchu Lakshmi Temple at a distance of 1 km. Pavana Nrusimha Shrine is notified to be one of the 108 Vaishnava Shrines chanting by the Alwars. The place considered to be place where the marriage of Nrusimha with Chenchu Lakshmi and all the Gods with Shiva attend to the marriage. There is Shiva Lingam in the holy place. Shrines are very few where Shiva appears in holy places of Vishnu.    

Pavana Nrusimha is the head of Mercury Planet. Mercury planet signifies arts, intelligence, music, dexterity. If the planet is unfavourable in birth chart may bring break in education, anxiety, nervousness and lack of spontaneity. Lack of business skills, restlessness, poor memory, immaturity and lack of self-control could also be the result of unfavourable energies of Mercury. The worship of Pavana Nrusimha release from all curses of Mercury Planet and reduce his negative energies.  

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