Sri VaraSiddi Vinayaka Temple


The self manifested Sri Siddhi Vianayak temple located in Inavilli Vilage of East Godavari District has huge significance. Riverbanks, Seashores, Banks of River confluences, Mountain peaks and River catchment areas are said to be suitable to built temples as per Architecture. The self manifested temples and temples built by Gods, Sages and Kings are constructed on architecturally suitable sites. Konaseema, the catchment area of River Godavari is also architecturally superior for construction of temples. Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple was builit in Ainavilli Village located at Konaseema. It is said that there can be no village without Ramalayam, but in practice there may be a village without Ramalayam, but the practice of worshiping the first worshiper Ganesh before beginning of the work.  

Devotees believe that Sri Siddi Vinayak located in Ainavilli Village towards north has equal greatness on par with Sri Varasiddhi Vinayak located at Kanipakam of south in Andhra Pradesh State. It is believed that the temple is in existence in the Krutha era, three eras before the present Kali era. The shrine was not mentioned in any ancient legends. The shrine mentioned in the book of Sripada Srivallaba Charita, form of Lord Dattatreya written 800 years ago by a Sanskrit scholar Sankara Battu. Sripada Srivallabha was born 900 years ago to the couple Appala Raja Sharma and Sumathi in Pithapuram of East Godavari District in Andhara Pradesh. Swarna Maha Ganapathi Yagna in Ainavilli Village performed under the guidance of Sri Malladi Bavabbaraaya Avadhani, maternal grandfather of Sripada Srivallabha and the local pundits argued that Vinayak has to receive the Homa substances with is trunk and Ganapathi should be appeared with brightened Golden lights.

Ainavilli Siddi Vinayaka swamy Temple

Then Vinayak emerged in the form of human from the ash of the Homa Kund and incarnated as Maha Ganapathi. Ganesh received the substances with his trunk in brightened Golden lights. Vinayak got angry on the Pundits and revealed that Shiva before exterminating Tripurasua, Vishnu before suppressing Domain King Bali, Kali before exterminating Mahisasura, Parvati for prevention of Domain King Ravan from taking Atma Ling of Shiva to Lanka, Adi Seshu before enduring the weight of earth remembered him and succeeded in their ambitions. He further added those divine and satanic postures with and all the super natural powers vested to him. Since the three pundits questioned his existence the first pundit who could not even see the personality of truth with his naked eye, he will reborn as blind, the  second pundit mocked for expressing truth he will be dumb and the third person will reborn as deaf since he had behaved that he has not heard the truth. They will free from the curse only when they touch his self manifested Murthy. The three pundits reborn in Kanipakam village of Chittoor District and got relief from the curse by touching the self manifested Varasiddhi Vinayak in a well. This may visit in the story of Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayak Story. From the above it is evident that Siddhi Vinayak of Inavilli existing prior to emergence of Varasiddhi Vinayak at Kanipakam. 

It was stated in the history of Sripadasrivallabha, Vinayaka told that he will born in future on the fourth day Chaturdhi before full moon day in the month of Telugu month Badrapadha and inthe name of Sripada Srivallabha with full power and virtues. The story of Sirpada Srivallabha, incarnation of Dattatreya may seen in incarnations of Lord Datttreya. According to the Kshetra Purana, Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma, worshiped and prayed to Ganesh at this place requesting to safeguard from the hurdles arise in the Yajna performed by him. There is another story that Sage Vyas before leaving to his Southern tour, he has established the Ganesh Idol here. Bur the prior story has evidence. Hence the Siddhi Vinayak in Inavilli should be treated as self manifested and not established one. Devotes believe that if Lord Vinayak prayed with Vakratunda Mahakaya, Kotisurya Sama Prabha, Nirvignam Kurumedeva, Sarvakaryesu Sarvada,” he will remove the hurdles in their life and present success. Since the idol established south facing, the wealth and prosperity will be thriving. 

While Varasiddhi Vinayak at Kanipakam is in separate temple, Sri Siddhi Vinayak enshrined in a complex. The temple is spacious and located on a high level ground. Idols are skillfully carved on the two towers of the temple explaining the stories of Lord Ganesh. There are two portal on the east and south. Devotees may reach Sri Siddi Vinayak thorough the east facing portal and Sri Visveswara Samy through the south facing portal. Sri Siddi Vinayak enshrined in the southwest corner of the sanctum facing south. 

Special Pujas will be performed on Chathurdhi, Dasami and Ekadasi of every month. Special worship organised in the Nine days from Vinayak Chathurdhi, Karthika Month, Prabhala festival conducted on Sankranthi and Shivratri. Everyday archan will be performed as per Saivam and Anointing as per custom. Thousands of devotees from all the corners of the country worship Siddivinayak requesting to fulfil their desires. There is a local custom that the people will pray the lord after fulfil their desires. The temple is under the administration of the Endowment Department.   

The story of the birth of Lord Ganesh and his physical appearance has to be subtly known on this occasion. Lord Shiva arrived to Gaurikund near Kedarnath Shrine to meet Maa Parvathi in the form of Gauri and the boy breathed by Goddess Gauri prepared with the soap suds on her body. Lord Shiva gets angry and cut off the head of the body with his Trident. Lord Shiva on the request of Parvathi affixed the head of Gajasura to whom he has given boon of worshipping his head with universe and given breath to the boy. The boy with the head of an elephant Gajasura became famous with 108 names include Gajanana. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva with their consorts, Indra and all the Deities blessed and given boons to Gajanana also called as Parvathi Nandana. Lord Shiva made him the head of masses declaring him to be the first worshipper before worship of any Deity. He is became famous as Vignesa since he remove all hurdles (Vignamulu) and blessing his devotees. The temple of Ganesh without head removed by Lord Shiva is at Mundkatiya near Gaurikund and Kedarnath Shrines. It is un-fortunate to note that the temple is not popular and perhaps it may be reason that the idol is not visible as such in their thoughts. Pilgrims has to visit the temple which has greater importance of the birth of Lord Ganesh on par with Kedarnath and Gaurikund shrines in their Char Dham Pilgrimage and the Government have to provide basicamenities to the pilgrims and got the repairs to the road which was damaged in 2013 floods. This is the only way to the Pilgrims and Government to offer tributes to Lord Ganesh. 

The Varasiddhi Vinayak Temple of Inavilli kept open from 5-00Am to 1-00 Noon and from 3-30PM to Night 8-00.