Sri Jagajjanani Temple


Jagajjanani is the origin of the entire universe and uncreated Goddess came into existence near Manasa Sarovar at a height of Twenty thousand feet above sea level.  It was described in Puranas and Vedas that all the Gods and Goddess arrive to Mansa Sarovar prior to sun rise and take bath to worship the Goddess Jagajjanani. Jagajjanani was described in the Puranas viz., Kapalika Vidhi, Vamakeswara Tantra, Sakthi Sthal, Devi Bhagavatam, Karthikeya. Being Jagajjanani, she is the primary Goddess of Universe. Shiva, Parvathi, Vishu, Lakshmi, Brahma, Saraswathi who are Trimrthy and Trisakthi were created by Jagajjanani. The Goddess worshipped as Mahamaya, Yogamaya, Adi Para Sakthi in different places. Being the creator of the entire Universe, the Goddess worshipped here with the name of Jagajjanani.  

nandyal jagat janani temple

This is one among the two Jagajjanani temples in the world. The Siddas performing yoga near Manasa Sarovar says that the temple was demolished long back. The temple in Nadyal is in existence in the entire world. Jagajjanani came into existence in the center of Nandyala Town and the Jagajjanani at Manasa Sarovar are one and the same as explained by the Yogis. Jagajjanani is the Primary Sakthi Feature (Aadi Sakthi). The idol is so beautiful with five headed Siva in the Stomach part, Sri Maha Vishnu at the foot, Brahma from the naval of Vishnu and 17 headed Adi Sheshu hood to Jagajjanani. Lion is the Vehicle of the Goddess. In the right side hands of Goddess, there will be Moon, Earth, Sun, Lakshmi Devi, Trinetram, Trisoolam and left Cone, Drum, Sagittarius and four headed Brahma. On the temple tower the idols of all Gods and Goddesses, Sapta Matruka, Nava Durga, Kamadhenu, Kalpavrusha and Astadasa Sakthi Peet prevails attracting the viewers.                          

Pilgrims may worship with Saffron and the Saffron will be supplied by the temple authorities and offerings to the priest are strictly prohibited. We could not see this type of customs in other temples of South and North India also. During ellipse time Saffron Puja will be conducted combined with thousands of pairs. Jagajjanani is in the first floor of the building and a tank was dogged in front of the temple so that the water shows to the Devi eyes to mollify the angry looks of the Goddess.

The pilgrims visiting the temple must strictly follow the customs like Tirumala and Padmanabha temple in Trivandrum. No one should perform respectable salute to anyone in the temple even to the Priest except to the Goddess. Women must wear only traditional dress Sari, Long Skirt and Voni. Gents should not wear shots and banyans. Women should wear Sindhur instead of stickers. Hair must be banding without leaving free. There are dressing rooms in which all the above available free. Children aged 15 years and below are not allowed to enter into sanctum.

The temple kept open from 6-00AM to 1-00PM and 2-00PM to 9-00PM.

Jagajjanani Darshan destruct SINS Auspicious to LIFE

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