Ranchhodraiji Temple


Shri Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Temple, Dakor

Ranchhodraiji Temple is in Dakor Town of Kheda District in North Gujarat State and 60 km from Ahmadabad. Both Dakor and Ranchhodraiji Temple are famous pilgrim places. Pilgrims from various parts of the country arrive here by walk to the darshan of Ranchhodraiji another form or Lord Krishna. It is believed that Sri Krishna came here escaping from Madhura during the battle with Jarasandha, since the death of Jarasandha intended in the hands of Bheema. Sri Krishna wears conch, discus, lotus and mace in his four hands. There is a pond adjacent to the temple and pilgrims give feed to the fish and tortoises in the pond. The birthday of Sri Krishna on Janmastami will perform here with along with other festival with utmost glitter. Dakor is most popular with Shiva worshipped in Dankanath Temple prior to the construction of Ranchhodraiji Temple (another form of Sri Krishna). The temple constructed three hundred years ago and Dakor became holy place to the Vaishnava after construction of the temple.

shri ranchhodraiji maharaj temple dakor

Dakor is famous as Hidimba Vanam in Mahabharat. It was a thick forest and pleasant with streams and lakes. The place is so attractable and Sages came here to establish their hermitage and to perform penance. Sage Dank constructed his hermitage to do penance. Shiva appeared before him and asked for boon. Sage Dank prayed to reside permanently in his hermitage. Shiva agreed and self established here in the form of Linga and disappeared from that place. The Linga became famous with the name of Dankanth Mahadev. The Khakhra (Moduga) trees are plenty here.

Sri Krishna and Bheem have gone to the hermitage of sage Dank. The sage invited them to his hermitage. Krishna pleased for his hospitality and asked him to express his desire. Sage Dank asked to reside permanently in that place along with Shiva. Sri Krishna informed that he will reside 4225 years in Dwaraka and shall arrive in Kali Era (Kaliyug) to the place for residing permanently. Sri Krishna was invited to Dakore in the manner.   

Sage Dank is a cowherd in his previous birth named Vijayanand born and in Gokul. He became the great devotee of Lord Krishna in due course. All the cowherds worshipped Sri Krishna except Vijayanand in the first instance on holly. His wife is also worshipped Sri Krishna and Vijayanand remain in house. Sri Krishna came to the house of Vijayanand in disguise and sent him to the Holy worship. In his return Vijayanand identified Sri Krishna and on the next day he played with colors. In that play, Krishna fell in the Tank. Sri Krishna showed his  real incarnation and Vijayanand asked mercy. Sri Krishna felt pity on him and informed that he will born as Bodana in his next birth and his wife will born with  the name of Gangabai. Krishna informed that he shall give darshan and release them by presenting Moksha.               

Vijayanand born as Bodana, Rajaput of Dakor and became devotee of Sri Krishna. Bodana plant a basil tree in a pot and used to visit Dwarka by putting the pot in his palm once for six months to worship Sri Krishna with basil leaves. He has worshiped up to 72 years without hurdles. He began to find it increasingly difficult to pursue this ritual. He used to visit Dwaraka in Bullock Cart. Sri Krishna accompany with him in his return to Dakore. The priests have not believed his works and put the Bullock Cart in the Sanctum with lock and seal. In the night Sri Krishna wakened up Bodana, opened all the doors and started to Dakore. They reached the outskirts of Dakore and Sri Krishna stopped the Bullock Cart at a Neem tree to take rest. The leaves of the branch of the Neem tree still having sweet taste and the remaining will be normal. 

shri ranchhodraiji maharaj temple lord idol dakor gujarat

The Priests of Dwaraka could not find the idol of Sri Krishna in the temple and reached Dakore following Bodana. Bodana got fear and Sri Krishna told to put the idol in Gomathi Tank before meet the Priests. Bodana has done the same and met the Priests by putting curd with a pot before him to pacify them. They get angry and one of them threw a spear at him.  Bodana fell down and died. The hurting spear has also hurt the image of the deity hidden in Gomti tank and the water turned red with the blood of Lord Krishna. Still the pilgrims may see the water in the tank as reddish at the place where the idol was hidden and the remaining water with brown mud. A small temple with the foot prints of Sri Krishna was constructed at the place and linked with the bank of Gomti Tank by a bridge.

The priests were not satisfied with the demise of Bodana. They have started hunger strike at the Gomathi Bank. Ranchhodraiji (Sri Krishna) told to Gangabayi, wife of Bodana to pay the gold equivalent to his weight and send them to Dwarka. Since Gangabayi is a widow and pauper, she could not do so. Surprisingly, the idol turned as a ring which was wear by Gangabai, wife of Bodana. The priests disappointed and Sri Krishna told that the replica of the idol will appear in the well at Dwarka after six months. The Priests gone to Dwarka and search for the idol before the stipulated time. An idol similar to that of Ranchhodraiji and smaller than the idol found in the well named Sevadhan Vav. Pilgrims gone to Dakor certainly visit these two places (i.e.) Neem Tree where Sri Krishna took rest and the small temple in Gomati Tank, where the idol of Sri Krishna was hidden by Bodana.

The Temple kept open from 6-45 AM to 12-00 Noon and again 4-15 PM to 7-30 PM. There are medium and star hotels in Udayapur for boarding and lodging.