Perential Ritual Facilities at Sonapura in Varanasi


Gaya and Prayagaraj are the places to perform Shraddha Karma along with (Varanasi) Kashi. Matru Devobhav, Pitru Devobhav, Acharya Devobhav and Athidhi Devobhav are literal truths whether they are said in the scriptures or by elders. It is clear that the invisible God appears in these visible forms. Shraddha Karma can be done at home. It is the responsibility of the children to pay tributes to the parents and ancestors performing Pinda Pradhab and ensuring a better future for them. Pinda Pradhan should be performed for the liberation of the souls of parents and ancestors in the Panch (five) Gaya Shrines viz., Shiro Gaya (Bihar), Nabhi Gaya (Orissa), Pada Gaya (Andhra Pradesh), Matru Gaya (Siddhapur, Gujarat) and Brahma Kapal (Badrinath) which are regarded as Pitrumukti Kshetra. For the convenience of those who are unable to perform pinda pradhan in Panch Gaya Shrines due to lack of physical and financial strength, we are providing the availability of priests along with the details of Ashrams and Satrams in (Varanasi) Kashi, Gaya, Prayag Raj for the convenience of those who wish to do it in these Shrines.

pitru paksha at varanasi

We inform that all ashrams and satras in Varanasi (Kashi) facilitate with only South Indian vegetarian meals.

  1. Sri Gayatri Sanatana Nityanna Dana Satram Sonapura: Sri Gayatri Sanatana Nityannadana Satram is located near Sonapura Chintamani Ganesha Temple. Food and lodging facilities are available. Brahmins are given high priority in Choultry.Free food facility is provided to those staying in the inn as well as other Brahmin families. They used to arrange priests for Pinda Pradhan in the Mahalaya Paksha and other rituals. Arrangements of providing vehicles and priests are made to perform Pinda Pradhan in Gaya and Prayag Raj. The Choultry is conveniently located near Chintamani temple on Sonapura Ganapati Road. When the Karta (performer) is not available to perform the Shraddha Karma and Pinda Pradhan, the Management of the Choultry will arrange a Brahmin to perform the Shraddha Karma and Pinda Pradhan on behalf of the performer. Apart from that, there is a facility to conduct live telecast of rituals by arrange Brahmins for those who have the desire to perform pitru rituals living abroad or who have the desire to perform rituals but are unable to do it due to lack of physical strength. It is not possible to provide accommodation and food facilities other than Brahmins by the management of the Choultry since the Choultry located in a single building. The management provide food to others depending on the possibility to those who have reported earlier. The management has recently taken new building of 15 rooms at No.B/7 185, 186 in front of Kedar Ghat in addition to the present15 room building located at Chintamani Ganapati Temple to provide accommodation, priests and vehicles to visit other places and provide food to others on par with others. It seems that they have 30 rooms available. The Choultry has the facility to offer funeral services to scholars, Vedic students and saints on the day of their choice as per the desire of the donors. AC and Non AC rooms are available. Lack of lift facility feels a bit inconvenient. Since the management of the Choultry has good relations with other ashrams and hotels in Kashi, Pilgrims are accommodated in other establishments. The management arrange Priests for anointing Viswanath Temple, Saffron adoration to Maa Annapurna and Maa Vishalakshi in Varanasi. The Choultry is convenient because the bathing Ghats are at a very near and there is a facility of advance booking for services such as lodging, meals and other services for those who wish to do Pitru Karmas or other rituals. Contact Phone No. 0542-2450347 and 919490380777,
  2. Sri Ramatharaka Andhra Ashram, Manasa Sarovar Ghat: Sri Rama Taraka Andhra Ashram near Manasa Sarovar Ghat is an ancient one. There is no transport facility to the ashram. The ashram exists in a alleyway. Accommodation is provided to all irrespective of caste and food is provided to the ashram residents. There is no advance booking for accommodation. Accommodation will be arranged in the Ashram depending on the availability by attending at 7-00 AM. There is no Lift facility. There is no arrangement of vehicles to go to other places and no arrangement of priests for Pinda Pradhan and other rituals. For more details pilgrims may contact the Ashram Administrator in phone numbers 0542-2450418 and 919334987412.
  3. Akhil Bharatiya Brahmin Karavena Nityannadana Satram, Manasa Sarovar Ghat : The All India Brahmin Karavena Nityannadana Satram at Bengali Garden  in the Manasa Sarovar area has accommodation and dining facilities for Brahmins only. The residents of the Choultry and non-residents  of Brahmin community only had the facility of free feeding. There is no lift facility to the rooms and there is no transport facility to the Choultry. There is no possibility for arrival of autos coming to the inn located at Manasa Sarovar. There is no advance booking for stay in the choultry and Accommodation will be arranged according to the availability on personal attendance at the Choultry. Non-resident Brahmins require meals should report at 8-00 am. AC and non AC Rooms are available and there is no lift facility seems a little bit dis-comfort to the elderly people and to those with knee problems. There is provision of arranging vehicles to go other places and there is no arrangement of Brahmins Pinda Pradhana, anointing of Vishwanadh etc. Pilgrims may contact the Administrator at 0542-2451953 for more details. Their branches are located in famous shrines throughout the country.
  4. Cycle Swami Ashram, Pandey Haveli, Bangali Garden: Cycle Swamy Ashram is located in Bangalithota Pandey Haveli. They have branches in famous shrines of the country. The Ashram has accommodation and food facilities for all. AC and  non AC Rooms can be booked in advance as they have advance booking facility. There is no lift facility Annadan facility is available for those stay in the ashram. They arrange vehicles to go to other places. There is no arrangement of Brahmins for Pinda Pradhana, anointing of Vishwanadh etc,. For more details contact the Ashram Administrator on 0542-2450502.
  5. Sri Vedajanani Welfare Trust, Sonapura: Sri Veda Janani Welfare Trust’s Choultry at Sonapura has facility of Annadanam for Brahmins only. No accommodation facility in the Choultry.  The organisers arrange vehicles to the pilgrims to go to other places. For more details pilgrims can contact the management on 917989112316.
  6. Sri Challa Lakshmana Shastry Sonapura: Their house has accommodation facility only for Brahmins and facility to conduct annual events with Preists. Their house has less accommodation facility. Pilgrims have to book well in advance. They are the priests to the events. There is no arrangement of vehicles to go to other places. For more details contact them on 0542-2275107 and 09415606617.
  7. Sri Rajavarapu Viswanadha Shasty Sonapura: It is mentioned in their visiting card that they are near Sonapura Kedar Ghat post office and they will provide accommodation facility. They will arrange Pinda Pradhan and other rituals themselves. They have not mentioned about meals and vehicle arrangement to other fields in their card. For more details contact them on 0542-2454218.
  8. Shri Kashi Visalakshi Brahmin Seva Samiti Bhavan: Details of which are not known.
  9. Sri Kantha Rishyashram Pandey Haveli : Accommodation available with AC, Non AC. Rooms and dormitory with locker facilities at Sri Kantha Rishyashram at Pandey Haveli in Bengali Thota. There is no provision of food, arrangement of vehicles and priests.For more information the management can be contacted at 9063833844 and 9491574080. In addition to the above there are many more Choultries and Ashrams along with guest houses in Varanasi (Kashi). Most of the above Choultries and ashrams are located in Ramapura Laksa Road (1.5 km/15 min walk from Vishwanadh Temple) and Sonapura (1.5 km from Vishwanadh Temple). Bathing Ghats are close to both places. We have compiled the above information based on our own knowledge and ascertain opinions from others. Kindly notice if any mistakes found. We are furnishing the particulars of choultries and Ashrams located in Sonapura, and Bengali Thota  There is no Choultry or Ashram having free accommodation facility except Kashi Yatra Bhavan also called as Palakollu Choultry. Service orientation is low. Profitability is high. It appears that there is huge competition between Choultries and Ashrams.

Sri Gayatri Sanatana Nityannadana Satram located at Somapura is the only places that have the facilities of advance booking along with accommodation, meals, organising rituals and vehicles to pilgrims.

We request pilgrims to repeatedly enquire themselves besides reading all the facilities provided by each inn and ashram and take an appropriate decision with keen understanding. Though there are many Ashrams and Choultries perform Annadan and the Special results by donating financial aid to the Choultries and Ashrams besides the importance of Annadan to pilgrims along with the details of the inns and ashrams that provide Annadan service to the pilgrims in our next post Kasi Yatra, part of Full Pilgrimage.