Nishkalank Mahadev Temple


Nishkalanka Mahadev Temple is at a distance of 23 km from Bavnagar of Gujarat State and connected with Rail and Road. Pilgrims may reach the temple by Rail or by Road. The idol of Nishkalanka Mahadev as established in an Island of Arabian Sea, 2 km from sea shore and 5km from Koliyak Village.  

Pilgrims have to travel in boat following the flag tied to the upper part of the temple. The temple will be visible and accessible for few hours in day time. The temple will merge in the sea in the remaining time. The ocean waves will be most speed and powerful during full moon day and new moon day in every month. The temple was built strong to for bear the heavy and strong waves of the sea. Pilgrims will wait with anxiety for the calm down of the waves to visit the temple. Shivaratri festival will be performed specially in the temple.  

Nishkalanka Mahadev Temple

The Legend says that the temple constructed by Pandavas during Mahabharat. The construction of the temple has to be appreciated which could not be imagine by the present generation. Pandava asked Sri Krishna to advise atonement for their sin committed by killing of Kaurava and other kith and kin in Kurukshetra. Sri Krishna gave them one Black Flag and one Black Cow and advised them to twist them up to they turn into white besides worshipping Shiva. They have wondered with the cow and flag and they turned into white after their arrival to this place. Shiva pleased for their worship and appeared in the form of Linga. Five Swayambhoo linga evaluated and there is Nandi opposite to the linga. There is a Pond with the name of Pandava Kundam and Pilgrims will clean their hands and feet in the pond before going to darshan.