Naimisharanya is at a distance of 32 km from Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh State and in a dense forest is quite peaceful. Neemiser Temple became famous as Naimisaranya Temple. Brahma, Vishnu, Sati, and Shiva are linked with this temple. The temple is the residence of 33 Hindu Gods and Goddess. But it is famous as one of the Eight self manifest temples of Lord Vishnu. Sage Soota told Satyanarayana Vratha Kalpa to the other sages here. Sage Vyasa performed penance and written Bhagavat in Naimisaranya. Yet there is the Banyan Tree of 5097 years in Vyasa Gadde of Naimisharanyam. 

There are several stories on Naimisharanya in legends. The Gods identified this place for establish Dharma. Vruttasura, a domain turned as hurdle and he has occupied heaven and expelled Indra from the throne. Vruttasura has a boon and he could not be slaughtered with weapon already prepared or weapon prepared in subsequent days with metal and wood.

Chakra Teertha Naimisharanya

Indra prayed Lord Vishnu for solution. Lord Vishnu informed that the domain will be slaughtered only with the weapon prepared with the backbone of Sage Dadeechi performing penance in Naimasaar. Indra and other Gods urged Dadeechi to help them in slaughtering Vruttasura. Dadeechi agreed and informed his ambition to take bath in the holy waters of all prominent rivers. Indra and other Gods have bring the holy waters of all rivers and gave bath to Dadeechi. Dadeechi left his life after taking bath in the holy waters. The Gods prepared Vajrayudha with backbone of Dadeechi and Indra slaughtered Vruttasura. Thus Naimisharanya turned to divine place with the holy river waters. 

Naimi means wheel and Naimisha means the place where the wheel touched the earth. It is so the place became famous with the name Naimisharanya. The shrine also called as Tapovan. There nine Tapovans Dandakarayna, Saindhavaranya, Pushkaranya, Badrikaranya, Utpalaranya, Jambukaranya, Gurujangaalaranya, Arupootharanyam and Naimisharanyam. Sages prayed Brahma to show a place without falling under the influence of Kaliyuga and fruits available for worship. Brahma made a ring with dharba grass. By throwing the ring, Brahma directed to follow the ring and the place where the ring touches the earth is suitable for their penance and worship. The ring formed as Namo Maya Chakra (wheel) and touched earth at Naimisharanya. The sages performed penance and Vishnu appeared and received their fruit of penance. Lord Vishnu slaughtered Durjaya and his domain followers here.  

Since the main deity is the king of forest in Naimisharanya, the worship will be made to forest. It is believed that Lord Vishnu and the Sages still residing in this place in the form of trees. It is also believed that the Chakra Kundam originated with the Sudarsana Chakra, weapon of Lord Vishnu. Devotees call the main deity as Chakranarayana, Devaraj Perumal and Sri Hari and Maa as Sri Lakshmi and Pundarikavalli. On the start moon day comes on Monday, thousands of devotees make darshan of the deity after takeing bath in the Chakra Kund and they believe that their sins will be washed away with these holy bath and darshan of the deity.  

Naimisharanya Temple is ancient and on the left bank of Gomathi river. Sathrupa and Swambhuva made penance for a period of 2300 years with an ambition to secure Narayana as their son. The 12 Alwards chanted 108 Div Desam and this is one among them. Tulasidas written Rama Charita Manas here. Sage Soota who is sudra by birth written eighteen purana and given preaching to other sages here.