Karanja Nrusimha


Karranja Nrusimha is one among the Nine Nrusimha Kshetrams in Ahobilam. The shrine exists in the thick Naallamala forest area of between Ahobilam to the Upper Ahobilam. It is believed that Anjaneya made penance under Karanja (locally called as Kanuga or Ganuga) tree for the Darshan of Sri Rama. Lord Vishnu appeared before Anjaneya in the incarnation of Nrusimha (half man and half Lion) to test him. Anjaneya unsatisfied that Rama has not appeared before him in his original form. Nrusimha tried to convince Anjaneya refused stating that his Rama is so beautiful with a bow in his hands and he does know others except Rama. Nrusimha gave darshan wearing bow and Anjaneya raised doubt seeing the nails to the hand fingers of Nrusimha. Nrusimha, another form of   Rama and incarnation of Lord Vishnu satisfied to the devotion of Anjaneya gave darshan wearing bow on his left hand and Sudarsana Chakra on right hand with half man and half lion body under the shadow of Adiseshu.

Entrance of Karanja Narasimha Swamy Temple - Ahobilam

Nrusimha convinced Anjaneya informing that he is Vishnu and Rama. Nrusimha give darshan with Bow and Sudarsana Chakra under the shadow of Adisheshu here. 

The legend is that Sage Gobila obtained curse from Sage Doorvasa to be dull mind person. Later Sage Gobila worshipped Karanja Nrusimba chanting his Mantra. The Deity pleased to his worship and presented his foreknowledge. In due course Sage Gobila obtained salvation with superstition. It is believed by Devotees visiting and worshipping Karanji Nrusimha gives intelligence.         

Karanja Nrusimha posses the third eye on his forehead. Karanji Nrusimha is also called as Saranga Nrusimha in the name of the bow he wears in his hands named Saranga. Anjaneya appear opposite saluting Nrusimha. Pilgrims may see Hundred Pillars Atrium of 14th century here. The 1st Jeeyar Swamy of Ahobil Mutt given his lectures here.     

Karanji Nrusimha is the head of Moon planet. Those who have Moon planet in Janma Kundali or birth chart in bad place induction he will show unfavourable energies on the mind set, lack of beauty and intelligence, Lack of mother’s love, obesity, bad memory, sluggish mind, bad decision-making skills, lack of peace of mind, name & fame and menstrual problems. The worship of Karanja Nrusimha gives relief from bad energies of moon planet. The Temple kept open from morning 9 to evening 4 since it is in thick forest to avoid risks to the devotees from wild animals.

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