Kumaraswamy known as Karthikeya launch Agneya Ashtra (arrow) on the Shiva Ling (Atma Ling) wear by Tarakasura in his neck before slaughter the Monster.  The Shiva Ling spitted into five fragments and one fragment fallen in Soma Rama. The fragments fallen on earth started to grow up towards Kailash. To avoid the grown of the fragments, Indra, Chandra (Moon), Vishnu, Surya (Sun) and Karthikeya established the fragments in the five holy places of Amarara Rama in Amravati of Guntur District, Soma Rama in Bhimavaram, Kshetra Rama in Palakollu of West Godavari District, Draksha Rama and Kumara Rama in Samalkot of East Godavari District with the names of Amareswara, Someswara, Kshetra Rameswara, Bheemeswara and Kumara Rameswara respectively.         

Shiva accompany with Bala Chamundika in Amara Rama, Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi in Soma Rama, Parvathi in Ksheera Rama, Manykyamba in Draksha Rama and Bala Tripura Sundari in Kumara Rama, the incarnations of Maa Parvathi.

The Village Draksharam is called with one of the five arama is in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. It is believed that Daksha, father-in-law of Lord Shiva performed Yagna here and named Daksharama. Subsequently the name changed to Draksharama. The Atma Ling on the neck of Tarakasura split into five fragments and one fragment fallen at Draksharama and was established with temple over the night by Surya. Lakshminaryan is the custodian to the Shrine. Draksharama is famous as one among the Trilinga Kshetra and Pancha Rama. It is also known as South Kasi. Legends says that Saptarushi (Seven Sages) brought Godavari to here for abhisek of the deity. The invisible stream of Godavari called here as Saptha Godavari. The Panchaloha (metal) and copper idols of this temple pertains to 8th Century. It is believed that Eight ling ware established by Chandra in the villages on eight directions and corners to this temple.

Draksharama Bheemeswara swami temple

The Asta Someswara ling are east Kolanka, West Venturu, South Kotpalli, North Vella, Southeast corner Dangeru, Southwest corner Korumilli, Northwest corner Someswaram and Northeast Penumalla. There are Indreswar, Siddeswar, Yogeeswar, Yameswar, Kaleswar and Veerabhadreswar temples in the temple complex. The local legend says that the  air towers on the four sides being protected by four Goddesses. The Crystal Ling of ten feet stretched in two floors.    

Daksha perform Nireeswara Yaga to which he has not invited Lord Shiva and Sathi. Sathi gone to the Yagna and was insulted by her father Daksha. Sathi started yoga which is not possible to the Yogis moving her five elements from their origin. Fire erupted from her grave status of body and she self immolated in the fire at this place. Lord Shiva got angry and created Veerabhadra who killed Daksha. Shiva is unable to bear the separation grief with Sati and left the duty to safeguard the universe. The Gods praised Lord Vishnu and at the request of the Gods, Lord Vishnu used Sudarshana chakra and cut the corpse in to pieces to release Shiva from the worry of the death of Sati. The body parts of Sati fell at several places of the Indian subcontinent and Groin in Trinchomali of Srilanka. Eighteen places became famous as Astadasa Sakthi Peeth and Manikyamba accompany Bheemeswara in Draksharama is the 12 Sakthi Peeth. It is believed that the left cheek was fallen here.                

There is pond on the eastern side of the temple named Sapta Godavari. The local legend says that Daksha, father of Sathi stayed here for some time and it is the southern part of his kingdom. Once Lord Shiva intended to examine Sage Vyasa and he has done not to get any meal in Kasi. The sage got angry and ready to give curse to Kasi. Maa Annapurna given feed to him. Shiva instructed Sage Vyasa to left Kasi and Maa Annapurna advised to go Draksharama, equivalent to Kasi. Shiva informed that the life in Kasi is only to get emancipation of soul and not for joyful life. But in Bhima Khand Draksharam is eligible to get emancipation of soul and also for joyful life. Sage Aghasya also lived here. Adi Sankaracharya established powerful Sri Chakra before Manikyamba in the eighth century. The place where Sathi self immolated in the fire, the Homa Kund where Daksha performed Yagna are near the temple. The Homa Kund no formed as a small pond and the statue of Sathi established in the middle of the pond. There are small temples near the pond.

Draksharama Bheemeswara Swami Temple timings & how to reach Draksharamam

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), Kakinada Depot runs circular tours covering all the 5 Pancharamas (Amaravathi, Bhimavaram, Palakollu, Draksharama, and Samalkota) in a span of 24 hours mainly in Karthika Masam and Maha Shivaratri. The journey starts at 8:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm next day covering 700 km approximately

The temple kept open on Masa Shivaratri day before every no moon day from 5-30 AM to Night 9-00 PM. In other days It will be opened from 5-30AM to 12-00 PM and from 3-00 PM to Night 8-00 PM.  

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