Chatravata Nrushimha


Chatravata  is one among the nine Nrusimha Kshetrams in Ahobilam. This temple is at a distance of ½ km from Yogananda Nrusimha Kshetra and 3 km from Lower Ahobilam. Pranava Nrusima Shrine is at a distance of 10 km from here. In all the nine Nrusimha Shrines, Chatravata Nrusimha appears most beautiful. The Shrine is the worshipping place of Gods. After the slaughter of Hiranyakasipa, to calm down the angry posture of Nrusimha the two musical Gandhavas namely haa haa and hoo hoo came down from Meru Mountain and entertained with their music. The God appears giving rhythm to the music with his left hand. This type of posture could not be found anywhere. Nrusimha gave them boon to be popular. The idols of haa haa and hoo hoo are present in this temple. The temple is under a Peepal (Ravi) Tree surrounded by thorn trees.

Sri Chatravata Narasimha Swamy Temple View

‘Chatram’ means “umbrella” and ‘vata’ means “tree”. Nrusima is under the Peepal Tree and is called Chatravata Nrusimha. Indra and other Gods prayed to Nrusimha here to kill Hiranyakasipa. Nrusimha appears with a dimmed smile on his face beautifully. Devotees having Musical knowledge show their talent before Chatravata Nrusimha and obtain his blessings. They believe that they reach a high level with his blessings.    

Chatravata Nrusimha is the head of Kethu Planet. The malefic Planet signifies mental illness, detachment from material wealth and family ties. If Kethu Planet is unfavourable in birth chart causes frustration, lack of knowledge and curses from ancestors. Devotees suffer from Kethu Planet worship Chatravata Nrusimha to get relief from the curse of Kethu and his bad energies to gain positive results of success in the medical profession, specifically in Ayurvedic medicine and spiritual growth. 

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