Bhargav Nrusimha


Bhargav Nrusimha is one among the Nine Nrusimha Kshetrams in Ahobilam. The Shrine is at 2km distance from Ahobilam on a hill near Bhargav Theerdh also called as Akshaya Teerdh in a thick Nallamala Forest. Nrusimha named Bhargav Nrusimha since Parasu Rama called as Bhargav Rama performed penance here. Parasu Rama, incarnation of Vishnu worshipped Nrusimha another form of Vishnu. Parasu Rama is sub incarnation and Nrusimha is the main incarnation. Sage Bhargava made penance about Nrusimha. Parasu Rama performed penance here and made darshan of Nrusimha killed Hiranyakasipa.

Pilgrims has to climb 130 steps of a hill peak to reach Bargav Nrusimha Temple. The idol is having four hands wearing Cone and Sudarshana Chakra in upper two hands and cleft the body of Hiranyakasipa with the other two hands.  

Lord Bhargava Narasimha Swamy Temple

Prahlada stand at the feet of the idol. It is believed that taking bath in Teerdh and worship of Nrusimha gives blessings of Lakshmi. Local people called Nrusimha as Barghothi. This is also the reason for the name Barghav (Parasu) Rama to the Nrusimha.  

There is no plain road to this holy place. Pilgrims have to travel by Zeep or Auto. Bargava Nrusimha is the head of Sun Planet signifying basic behavioural traits, willpower, wealth, good fortune and success in all worldly affairs. The Sun Planet gives unfavourable energies lack of leadership, name and fame and visionary abilities. Missing promotions, lack of power and authority at work place, negative status and position, non-cooperation from higher officials, challenges with the government due to his bad place in Birth Chart. It is believed that worship of Bargav Nrusimha reduce all the bad energies in human life of Sun Planet.

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