Vareval is a town at a distance of 5 km from Vareval. The Legend is that Sri Krishna got destiny at the place with the arrow of a prowl left the arrow feeling the feet of Sri Krishna as deer. Pandavas slaughter of Beeshma, Dhrona, Karna and Kaurava, Krishna gone to Hastinapura to meet Gandhari, mother of Kaurava to express his condolences. Gandhari feel that Krishna responsible for her sons slaughter. She has cursed that Yadava also quarrel among themselves and the entire Yadava lineage exterminate as was done between Pandava and Kaurava.

Later, the sons of Sri Krishna wear a lady dress to Sambha with child attitude and asked the sages came to visit Sri Krishna to express the particulars of the child in the womb of Sambha. The sages got angry, cursed that a pestle will born to him and leads to the extermination of the Yadava lineage. The next day a pestle came from the womb of Sambha. They feared and said the thing to Sri Krishna. Krishna get the pestle halved, filled the powder in a bottle and thrown in the sea.

Bhalka teerth ( Moksha Dwarka)

In subsequent days, the bottle washed away to the shore, cap opened due to the waves of the sea and the powder powered on earth. Darba Grass sprouted on the ground. The power attached to an arrow and the arrow found by a hunter. Sri Krishna prohibited Alcohol to prevent conflicts among Yadava. One day, Yadavas conflict among them and died by beating one another with the grass. All the Yadava exterminated except Balarama and Krishna in the conflict. Sri Krishna went to Balki Teerdh (Vareval) to take rest. A hunter named Jara felt the foot of Sri Krishna as deer and released an arrow. The arrow pierced to the foot of Sri Krishna and he leaves his incarnation. 

There is a story behind leaving his incarnation by Sri Krishina. Jara is Vali, the king of Kishkinda in his prior birth. Sri Rama is the prior incarnation of Sri Krishna in Treta Era. Sri Rama made friend ship with Sugreev, the Monkey king to search out his wife Sita, who was abducted by Ravana. In order to make Sugreev as king of Kishkinda, Rama killed Vali by leaving arrow from the shade of a tree in the duel battle between Vali and Sugreev, since Vali has the boon not to be killed in direct fight. Sri Rama promised to Vali that he will be killed by Vali in another form in his next birth. Sri Rama obeyed his promise and leaves his incarnation in the hands of Jara.  

There is the temple of Sri Krishna in Balki Teerth. Vareval is famous for the temple of Mahaprabhu Betak. A Tulasi Tree planted at the place where Sri Krishna leaves his incarnation. Bagavad Geeta prophesied by Vallabha Acharya for seven days in the temple. The decedents of Birla family built Geeta Mandir in the year 1970. There is the idol of Sri Krishna playing Flute taking rest. There is a cave with the name of Baladeva Cave. It is believed that Baladeva, brother of Sri Krishna travelled in the cave and disappeared and he is the incarnation of Sesha Nag, the sleeping bed of Lord Vishnu. There are no specific timings to visit the temple and Pilgrims may visit throughout the day.