Brahmamgari Matam


Srimath Virat Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy who believed to be the yogi who written “Kalagnanam” with novelties and highlights occur on earth born in Banaganapalle Village, 1 km from Yaganti in the Nandyal to Yaganti road. There is no specific evidence on the birth of the yogi. There are discrepencies on his birth as 9th and 17th century, it is believed that he has alive on earth from 1608 to 1693. He was born to a Viswa Brahmin couple Paripoornachari and Prakruthamba in Kasi, while they are in Pilgrimage. They have handed over him in the Ashram of Sage Atri. Sage Atri handed over him to Veera Bhochhaya and his wife Veera Papa mamba abbot of Papagni Matt during their visit to Varanasi. They have treated the child as the gift of god and named him as Veera Bottayya. Veera Bottayya has written Kalika Sapthapadi at the age of 11 years and refused family bondages. He has continued in spiritual life journey and Doodekula Picchayya joined as his first disciple.

Lord Veerabhraremdra swamy Brahmamgari Matam Banaganapalle

Veera Bottayya used to deliver spiritual prophecy and people named him as Veera Brahmendra Swamy. He has gone to the cave exists in Ravala Konda, 5 km from Banaganapalle and written novelties and highlights occur on earth in future. He has gone to self living tomb at Kandi Mallayya Palle. The palm texts are preserved in the Matt at Banaganapalle. The manual script was got published in 1970. Subsequently Kandi Mallayya Palle became popular with the name Brahmamgari Matt. People believe that the novelties and highlights told by him about future were occurred in past and occurring present. He has written in Kalagnanam that the Rock Bull called as Basavanna (Nandi) in Yaganti temple will stood with life and bellow (shout) at the end of the present Kali Era. Banaganapalle is famous for Mangos. There is famous variety of Mangos that elders and children have high interest named Banginapalli. The reservoir part of the irrigation project Telugu Ganga named as Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Reservoir. The reservoir also called as Sundupalli Reservoir.  The foundation stone to the reservoir was laid down by late Sri N. T. Rama Rao, former Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh State. The Reservoir and its surrounding hills is well known tourist spot. Boats are available for boating in the reservoir. Initially Bommu family constructed temple and it was submerged in 2005 due to Brahmasagar Reservoir. Subsequently the family established a trust in 2008 and constructed new temple. Free feeding available in the Matt. 

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