Adhisaya Vinayakar Temple


There are numerous Ganesh Temples in our country. Lord Ganesh temples are located all over India endowed with self manifested or Swayambhoo and with magnificent features. Adhisaya Vinayagar temple located in Keralapuram of Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu State is one among the famous temple with miraculous features of Lord Ganesh. The temple is very unique in nature and is worth a visit with family and friends. Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh temples are in the temple complex. The temple pertains to Lord Shiva but very popular as Ganesh Temple. Lord Ganesh is the primary deity to be worshipped before commencement of worship to any God. Pradhama Puja to Ganesha has been practiced since time immemorial according to the blessings bestowed on Lord Ganesh by his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh idols in the temple are very ancient though the temple appears of nine hundred years ago. It is believed that the Ganesh idol in the temple has two thousand five hundred years.   

Keralapuram Adhisaya Vinayakar Temple

Adhisaya Vinayagar temple generally called as miracle Ganesh Temple. Ganesh idol in this temple has the miracle that changes its colour from black to white and white to black for every six months. The idol appears Black in the ‘Uttarayana” i.e. from March to June and White in “Dakshanayana” i.e. July to February. There is no other temple with this unique feature. There is such Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh at Palakol where the Shiva Ling changes its colour Black to White from the no moon day to the full moon day and white to black vice-versa.

There is a beautiful legend on this temple and the idol of Lord Ganesh. The King of Keralapuram went to Rameswaram, the 7th Jyothirling. He has found a Ganesh Idol in the river while washing his hands and feet. The king presented the idol to Sethu Mannan, the king of Rameshwaram. The king felt happy by seeing the beautiful gift. He found miraculous in the Ganesh Idol and requested the King of Keralapuram to keep the idol with him, since the idol was found by him. He also presented a big idol of Lord Ganesh studded with emerald. The King turned to his place Keralapuram with the idols. The king was attacked by the looters on the way and they have stolen the emerald idol. The looters failed to move the other idol of Ganesh found by the king in the river. They left the idol there and the idol has been worshipped by the devotees. 

Lord Ganesh in this temple is considered to be the destroyer of all evils. People worship the lord and offer coconuts and rice dumplings. Worshipping the Lord especially during the changing idol colour time is considered very auspicious and it is believed that the lord grants wishes to all the devotees during this period. The idol of Lord Ganesh stands intact and cannot be moved from its original position.

Further, there is a tank (well) inside the temple complex. The water in the well is also very sacred and heals several skin diseases. The waters in the tank also change its colour with reference to the colour of the Ganesh idol. The tank appears White in ‘Uttarayana” i.e. from March to June and Black in “Dakshanayana” i.e. July to February. The temple is surrounded by the natural beauty. There is a huge tree in the complex and a big snake carved with granite stone. Lord Shiva appears under a huge banyan tree.

Ganesh Chaturthi performed with great devotion and events like dance and drums are organized attracting thousands of devotees towards the temple. The temple is at 14 km from Nagarkoil and 40km from Kanyakumari.